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The fable game – Book


3000 €

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The fable game – Book

By Enzo Mari
For Les Trois Ourses Editions



3000 €

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The Book

The fable game

The Fable Game is a story construction set comprised of six cards, covered with Mari's depictions of all the classic elements of fairy tales and fables: animals, umbrellas, mountains, moons, etc.
The slotted card design allows children to make up their own stories that they can tell them to adults or to other children.
- From the Publisher

The Author

Enzo Mari

Enzo Mari was born in Novara in 1932. He attended the Brera Academy of Fine arts and dedicated himself to exploring "the psychology of vision and design methods".
He has also worked as a designer, aware as he is of the public's need for high standards of quality. He has created over 1700 designs for the top Italian and international manufacturers in his field.
Examples of his art and design can be found in numerous museums. He has been awarded some 40 prizes, among which 4 "Compasso d'Oro".

The Publishing House

Les Trois Ourses

The non-profit organization Les Trois Ourses - The Three Bears -, founded in 1988, focuses on the artistic education of children by putting " the book at the center ".

For Les Trois Ourses the childhood is a special time of creative development.
Stimulating the imagination of young children and fostering their capacity to be amazed gives them the ability to carry on an intimate and constructive dialogue with the world around them throughout their lifetime.