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Les Cercles de Vie (Circles of Life)

Tribu/s du Monde - by Anne de Vandière

Circles of Life - the idea

The Project

The beliefs of Natives in the cycle of life, the dance of the sun and the moon, the whirling wind, the exuberance of the stars of the milky way, are vast. We know that the seasons in their changes form a circle. The Tribes of the World all share an ingrained respect, a natural connection to Mother Earth and Father Sky. Each of their gestures, the beat of their hands are highly receptive to the vibrations of things, of nature, to emotions and perceptions.

Since the dawn of time, these peoples have been committed to passing on their wisdom.

Everything tends to be round, as the power of the Universe operates in circles. Since ancient times, our strength has stemmed from the sacred circle and as long as it isn’t broken, we thrive, because everything that empowers the Universe works in circles.

“As a mediator, I in turn wish, through those circles of life, to pass on not the obvious excellence that reflects their know-how, but the beauty that is explained by the spirituality of all those who create.”

Anne de Vandière

Hence the circles of life are intended to remain unfinished so that life may enter them… They are round like happiness, round like motherhood, round in their paradoxical search for balance.

Circles of Life - the implementation

The Pieces

Several series have been produced. Fifteen different tribes are showcased here.
The circles of life are made from a unique vegetable paper manufactured by the Lenten ethnic group in Laos and which their shaman uses for his tales, his formulas, to write down the beliefs and history of his people. It is also a benevolent paper, that peacefully accompanies children at their birth and the deceased on their last journey as it is burned.

Through the distinctive colours, seeds, tree barks, plants, spices, jewellery, weaving of the peoples, a touch of the sacred is revealed, a bond so strong that has connected them from the beginning to the earth, to each aspect of the universe that belongs to the spirits of creation — the stars, the sky, the water, the plants, the minerals, the animals, the night and the day, the seasons...

“The balance of the world which we engage in, like those childhood dances, Like a dance of time. Appeased.”

Anne de Vandière

The artist and her association

Anne de Vandière

As a French photographer and journalist for written press in the 80s-90s, she has portrayed many figures from the worlds of art and fashion. On the occasion of those encounters, she became aware of the importance of nonverbal communication and notably of the body language of those she interacts with. As a result, as early as 1996 she embarked on a photographic portrait project entitled “H/AND” whose theme was the Hand and which would lead to the publication of 2 books. In 2009, Anne was awarded the Neuflize OBC ABN Amro Prize for contemporary photography.

The association Tribu/s du monde

Tribu/s du monde is not only the name of the installation of photographer and former journalist Anne de Vandière. It is also the name of the association she founded over ten years ago in connection with her artistic approach, which consists in setting off to meet peoples threatened by the evolution of the world. These ethnic groups represent 350 million people on earth. An activist and an artist, Anne de Vandière is a whistle-blower who denounces the forced displacement of nomadic peoples, sometimes compelled to settle down. The artist condemns the lack of respect for their customs as well as the systematic plundering of their heritage and their natural resources. The dangers they are facing may progressively lead to their extinction. In the course of more than twelve years, the artist travelled across five continents and twenty or so countries to meet over sixty tribes, peoples, ethnic groups and communities.

The work of the photographer is regularly exhibited in France and abroad. In 2017, for the first time, Tribu/s du monde was displayed at Musée de l’Homme in Paris. That year, her work was also presented at the Domaine des Etangs in Massignac. Her exhibitions enjoy the patronage of UNESCO and the support of the association SURVIVAL France.


Everything is in Nature.
And Nature is in everything; in everyone.

We are One and united by Life, the sacred circle. Indeed, if there is an intelligence of Nature, it operates in a circular manner.

Aboriginals from all over the world are aware of this, it is up to us to remember… Losing this ancestral knowledge means losing one’s balance and falling, like a tightrope walker. And yet, living means learning every day, gaining in humility and growing up. We are all children facing the impermanence and the vastness of Life.

Dame Nature is round and curvaceous… She envelops, teaches, surrounds and carries us in her loving maternal arms. She nurtures us and leads us into a wonderful dance of the living, where everything is cycles and roundness. The wheel turns, Life is a perpetual, eternal motion. One cannot dominate or hinder anything; one can only embrace the perfect flow and continue to elevate oneself in order to bequeath

Reconnected to this infinite Source of Love, one is lulled, carried, transported. One grows through hardships too, through experiences and consciousness. Finding the centre of this rising whirlwind means finding one’s own centre in order to find Oneself. Finding oneself means renewing with the harmony of the Great Everything. Everything is in Nature… Everything is Nature. Everything is One. The Everything is the One. Wonderful Creation. Enchantment of Life.

Taking from the Earth? Returning to the Earth? The Earth is a mandala. It is a circle, sacred.

Everything starts in Nature, and everything returns to Nature. One can take only to give back: the balance of the World, of Life depends on this. The Circle of Life.

The beautiful Art of Anne de Vandière conveys this. Everything is unity, related, interconnected. Our Nature demands that we unite and form an alliance in order to take care of everyone. Every ONE. The mandala is of the essence.
You are surrounded and tenderly loved.

Garance Primat - Dedicated Creative Entrepreneur