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The Art of Life in Winter

The Art of Life in Winter

As winter descends, the Art of Life consists in cosying up, enjoying the simple pleasures of your home and sharing quiet moments with your loved ones.

Lighting a candle, making a warm beverage, browsing through a book, interacting and opening up to others during the holiday season. Cooking and enjoying comfort food, gathering together and recharging your batteries, like Nature that rests until spring.

In a warm and peaceful atmosphere, the Art of Life invites you to reconnect with what is essential.

For the holidays, Créations Dragonfly brings you a selection of objects that will make your home both welcoming and cosy.

These evocative objects place the spotlight on artisanal know-how, artistic creation and showcase Nature-inspired beauty.

For young and old, to spoil the whole family, you will find delicatessen treats, games to play after a good meal or one-off pieces and works of Art to decorate your home.

As it embraces the Art of Life dedicated to well-being, harmony with Nature and one’s own Nature, this selection invites you to indulge your relatives.

For moments made of small yet beautiful things, feeling good and sharing positive emotions is all that matters, so meet up for the holiday season under the aegis of well-being.