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Hervé Isle de Beauchaine has been taming light for almost 30 years. In his Lyon workshop, he creates one-off pieces which sculpt the shapes, colours and atmosphere of the venues they adorn.
Artist, artisan, designer or inventor: it is hard to label him. He likes to describe himself as a mechanic of light. Although he works on industrial objects to turn them into lights, he also designs exclusive lamps which his bright imaginary conjures up.

"Through its enchantment, light brings to life all spaces on earth. It alone can reveal the shapes, colours and spirit of a place. Once harnessed, light turns sculptor. It creates harmony in our spaces."

Hervé Isle de Beauchaine

For Dragonfly, we have created two cordless lamps with HISLE, two modern-day lanterns, in collaboration with the delicate porcelains from Porcelaines de la Fabrique.