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Atelier du Verre


Martine Durand Gasselin decorates glass. She blows simple shapes and adorns them with oxides and metallic salts in order to reveal emerald greens, ink blacks, sea blues. She adds threads and shadows to the molten material, blowing transparent reliefs.

“Blowing glass is one of the languages of the hand. So simple in fact that blowing a glass requires one year of training… while duplicating it requires ten years”.

Martine Durand-Gasselin

She learned her art in Sweden, at the Orrefors school of glass, following a hike that took her from Rennes to Stockholm.
It is probably this journey in the wind, the rain and under a sky scattered with cloudy sunny spells which inspired us as we imagined the models she would produce for Dragonfly. We gave each of them the name of a meteorological phenomenon: Giboulée (Rain), Tornade (Tornado) or Givre (Frost)…