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Anne de Vandière


“Hands aren’t made for cheating. They’re real.”

Anne de Vandière

Anne de Vandière is a French photographer. A journalist in print media in the 80s-90s, she has interviewed and profiled numerous figures from the worlds of art and fashion. In the course of those encounters, she came to realize the importance of non-verbal communication and of body language, notably through the gestures of those she was interviewing.

At that point, she embarked on a series of unusual portraits, featuring hands as the new “mirror of the soul”.

Since then, Anne de Vandière has invited us to discover other people: leading figures from the worlds of art and fashion, seamstresses from the luxury industry, elderly people or inhabitants from across the world. Via the indirect angle of the hand, of the selected object or of a tear, the artist disrupts the traditional rapport to representation and produces plain, poignantly sincere portraits.

Between September 22, 2017 and December 15, 2017, the Domaine des Etangs welcomed her installation TRIBU/S DU MONDE