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Créations Dragonfly

The beauty of Nature invites itself to your table

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Créations Dragonfly

The Art of Life outdoors


Créations Dragonfly

Light to illuminate the nights of May


Créations Dragonfly

Create a unique and contemporary interior


Art of Life

Spring inspiration

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Regenerate in the image of Nature, at Domaine des Etangs®


Nurturing an Art of Life based foremost on the respect of Nature, its resources and the balance of its cycles: such is the mission of Dragonfly.

An Art of Life which today takes the form of achievements based on those core values; stays in the great outdoors centred on well-being, artworks to contemplate or meditate, cultures to discover, artisanal objects manufactured and selected to sustainably enhance everyone’s everyday life…

The first stages of this project of well-being and harmony the Dragonfly Art of Life engages in.

Créations dragonfly

Empreinte du Temps (Mark of Time) Stool by Le Chêne Vert

For Dragonfly, Le Chêne Vert has worked on the ancestral technique of rope moulding and has agreed to use the rope to also mark the outside of its creations. In this way we wanted to show the invisible, highlight this unique know-how and help in our own way to preserve it.
As if, for once, we could discover the invisible of a know-how and celebrate the tool needed to make it.
Around assembled wooden whalebones which lay the outline of the expected shape, the craftsman wraps a rope on which the clay will be deposited. This technique makes it possible to create majestic and gigantic pieces. The rope and the ribs are removed before firing.


Créations dragonfly

Demoiselles (Damselflies) Set of cups by Porcelaine de la Fabrique

Mamay is a jewellery line established in Geneva at the heart of jewellery expertise. Created by the Geneva designer Mariam Lefebvre, the brand focuses on designing lovely, unique and quality pieces. Mamay’s spirit aimes to offer accessible jewels to all – fresh, discreet and also original. Each piece can be custom-made in fine jewellery according to ones desires. As each woman is unique, each piece is elegant and inspired, but discreet in order to be worned every day and on any occasion.
The soft, pure and light designs with an uniqueness twist of Mamay jewels are available in a various range of materials and colors. Which gives free rein to the designer’s creativity..


Créations dragonfly

Kintsugi Charentais (Charente Kintsugi) Plate by Serge Nicole

When we visited the Porcelaines de la Fabrique works, we discovered a collection of fissured, chipped, cracked and damaged plates, all destined to be destroyed.
Adopting the Kintsugi technique, a Japanese practice dating back to the 15th century in which each accident creates an opportunity for renewal, followed naturally. Based on the experience and technique developed by Serge Nicole, we decided to create a set of one-off serving plates, on which each crack is filled with porcelain before being lacquered in gold, thus enhancing faulty firing and highlighting imperfection.


Créations dragonfly

Giboulée (Rain) Glass by Atelier du Verre

Martine Durand Gasselin decorates glass. She blows simple shapes and adorns them with oxides and metallic salts in order to reveal emerald greens, ink blacks, sea blues. She adds threads and shadows to the molten material, blowing transparent reliefs.
Whisky or clear water can be enjoyed in this glass. Its reliefs and metallic flecks bring to mind March showers. Fresh and icy like the winter that falls asleep, sprightly and happy like the spring sun.

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Créations dragonfly

Pour la Vie (For Life) Apron by Maison Daguet

“Pour la Vie” is a large leather apron like those, weathered by time and labour, often favoured by artisans. It is designed to be worn in the garden, the kitchen or in one’s workshop indoors. In turn, it will bear the marks of your memories.

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Créations dragonfly

Orée du bois (Edge of the Wood) Lantern by Creation Galant

The artisan’s hands are at work when melting, deburring and smoothing. While the artist’s eyes are at work when envisioning, designing and sculpting the moulds. Stéphane Galerneau has been the eyes and the hands of the Créations Galant Art Foundry for the past 10 years..
We wished to bring together the clay pot and the iron pot.
Combining the fire that shapes and that fires, blending the transparent clay of the kaolin with the opaque bastion of aged pewter. This union resulted in the “Orée du bois” lantern, embedded with a wickerwork pattern.


Créations dragonfly

Galactica V Pentagon lamp by Marc Lepilleur

As they adorned table centre pieces or the rim of a teacup in his studio, Serge Nicole’s dragonflies seemed to have been expecting our visit… There they were, light, delicate, gentle and yet so strong. All we had to do was reach out for them to return to the Domaine des Etangs.


Domaine des Etangs

Home to our roots and Art of Life

A place of Life, out of time, where each stay and each experience is simply following the rhythm of the seasons and Nature.