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The embodiment of our philosophy
into works, words, endeavours and thoughts.


Art of Life

Creations by artisans,
revealing Nature through inspiring objects.



Summer and its long evenings are back.

Escape at Domaine des Etangs®


Land & experiences

Venues, exhibitions, discoveries…
Experiencing and practising our Art of Life.



Dragonfly’s family
the talents that carry our values.


Nurturing an Art of Life based foremost on the respect of Nature, its resources and the balance of its cycles: such is the mission of Dragonfly.

An Art of Life which today takes the form of achievements based on those core values; stays in the great outdoors centred on well-being, artworks to contemplate or meditate, cultures to discover, artisanal objects manufactured and selected to sustainably enhance everyone’s everyday life…

The first stages of this project of well-being and harmony the Dragonfly Art of Life engages in.

Selection of the month

Mamay by Mariam Lefebvre

Mamay is a jewellery line established in Geneva at the heart of jewellery expertise. Created by the Geneva designer Mariam Lefebvre, the brand focuses on designing lovely, unique and accessible pieces.


Selection of the month


Thanks to its unrivalled know-how, Porcelaines de la Fabrique perpetuates and promotes the great tradition of the Arts of Fire worldwide.
These coffee cups were discovered in the archives of La Fabrique and adapted to contemporary taste.


Selection of the month


There is a sunny gayness in the pieces produced by Atelier Buffile, a pleasure in producing that one experiences at the sight and the touch of the objects.
Nenuphars (Waterlily) stand plates are simple terracotta disks that float on a cylinder. Nine bright colours to dress them and three motives that celebrate the theme of Life, the Worlds and Light.


Selection of the month

Cercles intérieurs by Manon Clouzeau

Manon Clouzeau produces only bowls made from kaolin, clay, talcum powder, chalk, silica or ashes. When she designs a series, she creates a constellation of glazes.


Selection of the month

Nos Racines by Maison Labiche

There is nothing simpler and more timeless than a white t-shirt. And since we like messages embroidered on the heart, we decorated these garments with root vegetables. Because, we are fond of our roots, and of the passing time which gently shapes the beauty of the world.

Made Exclusively for Dragonfly Creations


Domaine des Etangs

Home to our root and Art of Life

A place of Life, out of time, where each stay and each experience is simply following the rhythm of the seasons and Nature.