This website is a place of initiation, an invitation to discover the Art of Life.

Its name pays tribute to the dragonfly, our universal emblem, evocative of the perpetual motion of Life. Indeed, Nature lies at the Centre of everything and brings us back to our own Centre.

Throughout my projects, I have always aspired to create and to convey this Art of Life. I wished to break with tradition in order to form today this ecosystem of well-being, while respecting Nature and its cycles, the land, the Men – farmers, artisans, artists, producers and freethinkers… – and the beautiful know-how.

Through the Domaine des Etangs, located in the Charente Limousine region, a place of Life and of well-being spread over 2,500 acres, in equilibrium between the Sky and the Earth.

Through the Collection Dragonfly, a universal and universalist collection of contemporary and ethnic art, minerals, objects and books, all channelling a message of wisdom, knowledge and heritage.

Through Créations Dragonfly, a line of objects that place the spotlight on the know-how of artisans, respectful of time and of natural resources. Through books, a selection of products and objects related to Nature and its observation, as well as specialties by local producers… which will soon complement the range.

And, today, through opening this “window”,, which will, I hope, reach your heart and your eyes, perhaps fill you with wonder, make you smile and, above all, reconnect you with the essential principles of Nature.

« The First Art is Nature and Life. »

Garance Primat, Dedicated Creative Entrepreneur

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Caroline Corbasson

Artiste Plasticienne

“By observing the infinitely small and the infinitely big, I explore the mysteries of the universe.”

Caroline Corbasson

Caroline Corbasson is a French artist born in 1989. She spent her childhood in the Canadian mountains and the North American Great Plains. As a teenager she moved to France and graduated from the Beaux-Arts, Paris, in 2013. From the beginning, the artist showed a passion for scientific drawings. Early on she explored anatomical charts in order to appropriate their secrets and change their function. Corbasson thus pictured a double heart that would allow us to live longer or to be loved twice as much.

Intrigued by what is invisible, she moved from dissecting the human body to focus her attention to a bigger challenge: cosmos.

From 2010 on, she started her Galileo series, drawing moons by randomly projecting Indian ink on paper. Planets, stars, meteorological phenomena, and magnetic waves became centre to her artistic exploration. Today the artist uses scientific image – that allow observing the world though a rational eye – to take our perception beyond what is visible. She attempts to use the unknown to give sense to the invisible. Diverting the use of maps, atlas, NASA images or globes, Corbasson “blinds” scientific instruments in order to tell a story.